Abhilasha Mishra

    After your good treatment, I am fully satisfied and thanks for giving me a satisfying treatment. I had surgical extraction and RCT and through your treatment, I had a good experience and a very polite nature of Dr Joshi. Rates are also negligible for the treatment and you also do not charge for 6 or 7 X-ray between the RCT. Thank you once again for your satisfactory treatment.

    Rajesh Malviya

    Excellent treatment and results for smile correction.

    Abhinav Mishra

    Only place where I got authentic treatment.

    Neha Singh

    Very pleasant indeed, Dr.Joshi is a great doctor who listens to the patient and takes care of him/her with great attention.


    I got 6 beautiful front crowns done and they look so natural and I can not stop smiling. The staff are great and extremely friendly. Thank you Smile Care Dental Clinic.

    Suresh Kumar

    Good clinic and atmosphere, although I had to wait for an hour but it was not at all boring and I was satisfied with the treatment.

    Amit Naik

    Quality comes at a price with excellent treatment and results. Initially it looked costly but when I saw myself in mirror after my smile correction done by Dr Joshi, I was amazed by the results and everyone kept asking me that within such a short time how come you got this perfect set of teeth. Really happy with the results.


    Such a good treatment in Smile Dental Care, I am happy.

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