Teeth Whitening/Cleaning/Bleaching


It is said that healthy teeth are only the white teeth. Everyone desires to have teeth that shine like a pearl but very few has it. Teeth stain, dark colour may lead teeth look yellow and pale.

Yellow teeth can be due to several factors like aging, bacterial pigments, foodstuffs and tobacco and this pale teeth disturbs the smile of a person as a whole thus they wish that they could get an alternative which could give them shiny white teeth. The solution to this is teeth whitening.

Enhance your smile with extra white, shiny teeth by the special process of teeth whitening.”

Now getting white and shiny teeth is very easy with Teeth Cleaning process of smile dental clinic. This is an advance procedure that gives you a new way to smile with healthy and white teeth.

What is Teeth Cleaning?

It is simply the procedure that deals with improving the appearance of teeth. Bleaching is an advanced procedure that deals with obtaining white and shiny teeth that were prior dull or dark. This can correct darkness of teeth and yellowish pales of the teeth that had happened due to several reasons like mineral deposit, less porous enamel, bacterial pigmentation, foodstuff deposits, intake of tobacco or any other aging factors.
So as to correct dark and pale teeth often bleaching gel and agents are used so that cleaning of teeth can be done to enhance the teeth appearance.

Causes of Pales and Discolored Teeth:

Yellow teeth can definitely be a problem for many. There are various reasons that cause these yellow teeth:

  • Due to factors like heredity or aging, teeth can automatically get yellow at a certain age.
  • Due to continuous mineral deposit at the root of teeth.
  • Due to foodstuff deposit mainly tea and coffee.
  • Smoking or tobacco can lead to dark stain due to tar and nicotine deposit.
  • Wearing of dental apparatuses for longer period of time.

What are Teeth Bleaching Processes?

  • Use of teeth whitening toothpaste.
  • Using of gel bleaching
  • Use of high concentration gel
  • Teeth whitening can also be done with low concentration agents.
  • Even high concentration bleaching is used for teeth whitening.

Process of Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching in Bhopal

Teeth Whitening is an advanced procedure that can only be performed at specialized clinic by some specialized dentist. Teeth whitening is a common procedure in general dentistry but most especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry. This may include using of several advanced procedures like bleaching, gels etc. When performed at a specialized clinic like that at smile care dental clinic it can ensure dramatic improvements in the cosmetic appearance of the stained and discolored teeth.

This is a procedure that usually takes about 60 min of time. In this the teeth is covered with some specialized gel or agents that react with teeth to give a bleaching effect by giving them white and shinny look like that they were before. All this procedure is done after covering the lip and the mouth so that it could only react with the teeth.

It is performed under local anesthesia and thus it is painless procedure and as it only takes your 60 minutes thus no stay at the hospital is required. Though there are very few cases in which side effect are noticed after the teeth whitening procedures but if a patient notice pain or any other teeth side effects he must immediately consult a dentist for immediate cure.