4 Potential Reasons Your Teeth Hurt

    Teeth are an important part of the body without them imagination of life is difficult, they are not only important for a perfect personality but their most important work is to chew the food. But having pain in the teeth is the most difficult situation which renders anyone feels uncomfortable and vulnerable. So it is important to understand the reasons why one face toothache dental pain, let’s get started by understanding some reasons regarding the tooth hurt.

    Pain Due to Gum Disease

    There are many types of gum diseases that are associated with tooth pain like periodontitis and gingivitis are some of them, these are a kind of infection that occurs anytime in the gum and bone loss. In this situation, the gums usually get detached from the teeth and form pockets filled with bacteria and due to which the roots are exposed to plaque, with all these the teeth become more inclined to decay and as a result cause pain with sensitivity to heat and cold.

    Pain Due to Abscess

    Have you heard people awake all night due to pain in the tooth? Your answer will be definitely yes, there are various reasons for this kind of extreme pain and abscess is one of them, it is an infection that causes due to the build-up of bacteria inside the pulp chamber which becomes infected. It is necessary to consult with a dentist as soon as possible because there are chances that the infection may spread to the root of the tooth or between a tooth and gum, which can cause different dangerous tooth problems like tooth decay, trauma to the tooth or severe gum disease.

    Pain Due to Constant Teeth Grinding

    There are people who grind and clench their teeth, it is termed as bruxism. According to dentists, 70-80 percent of the grinding happens at night at the time of sleeping. Rapid clenching and grinding of teeth force your teeth down, so if you are the one among them who often grind their teeth, you need to consult a good and experienced surgeon immediately in order to avoid tooth loss.

    Pain due to damaged fillings

    correct way of brushingSeveral times, people feel pain in their teeth due to decay under the fillings, decay cause fillings to break, fall out or wear out. This becomes more severe when the individual having decay eventually bites down on the exposed tooth while eating, this causes extreme pain. There are chances that these filling can become sensitive to temperature if you will not contact with the good dentist.

    Tooth pain is the most irritating and stressful problem, and it can become more severe when you don’t know the reason behind the pain, so it is important to consult a trusted, experienced, qualified doctor, the dentist will first find out the problem that is causing you pain and then suggest you a treatment to procure it.

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