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Dr. Vipalv Joshi

Dr. Vipalv Joshi is considered as the Best Dentist in Bhopal because of his incredible works in the field of dentistry. He completed his B.D.S. and M.Phill from Bhopal. Dr. Vipalv is trained in various advanced procedure of dentistry. Because of his vast experience, he has also been awarded with Best Dentist in M. P. 2016.
Dr. Vipalv is conversant with each and every procedure of dentistry such as dental crowns, root canal treatment, Dentures, Extractions etc.
Assured Results
Apart from the traditional dental treatments, Dr. Vipalv is known for his extra – ordinary forks in the field of cosmetic dentistry. When he performs any cosmetic procedure, he seems like a dental artist and his patients observe this artistic sense acquiring desired results. Dr. Vipalv is capable of performing all the cosmetic surgery procedures with optimal expertise such as crowns and caps, fillings and repairs, teeth whitening, braces etc. Apart from cosmetic procedures, Dr. Vipalv is capable of dealing with certain dangerous oral diseases like oral cancer, tooth decay, oral infections etc.
Best Dentist in Bhopal

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Dentist in Bhopal

Dr. Deepali Joshi

Dr. Deepali Joshi is an extremely skilled doctor of <b>Smilecare Dental Clinic</b> who always think out of the box for bringing the most convenient results for the patients. She completed his B.D.S. and M.D.S. from Bhopal. She has handled thousands of dental cases with severe conditions and therefore, she has a vast experience in each procedure of dentistry or cosmetic dentistry.
Dr. Deepali is known for her soft- spoken nature. She communicated with the patients with sympathetic attitude which reduces the pain of the patients. She can pacify any patient who is scared of a surgical procedure. All the doctors do not have such skills.
Dr. Deepali generally performs cosmetic procedures like dental crowns and caps, implants, teeth whitening etc.