Latest Technology

At smile care dental clinic, all the dentists are equipped with latest technologies that are globally used by cosmetic dentists. Our team is committed to maintaining global standards, therefore, along with conventional ways, we are trained in advanced technologies that are used today to facilitate the process of dental treatment.
The technology we are talking about is dental dentistry.
Let us learn in brief about dental dentistry.

Digital Dentistry

Dentistry is being digital with advancements of various digital devices. These devices facilitate the process of dental treatments. Digital methods are rapidly replacing the traditional methods and are widely used by dentists around the globe.
Nowadays, a number of Digital Dentistry Technologies are available to provide efficient, detailed and immediate information that is not possible with traditional technologies. These technologies are vital for exact diagnosis of the disease to ease the process of dental treatment.
Some of the most common technologies used in digital dentistry are given below:
  • CAD / CAM
  • Digital radiography
  • Dental lasers
  • Shade matching
  • Patient record management
Digital Dentistry Bhopal


Dental Implant Technology Bhopal

Dental dentistry uses various technologies one of which is CAD / CAM. With this technology, dental treatment procedures are fast and easy to perform. A doctor may do intra-oral scanning of the patient’s teeth. After that, he sends the digital file to dental lab where the technician designs the restoration with the help of computer software. The information is then sent to a milling machine that creats the prosthetic restoration.


Dental Radiography Bhopal

For the treatment of dental diseases, radiology is also used which deals with X – rays and other high energy radiations.

X – Rays are radiographs that are used to reveal hidden dental structures, bon loss, cavities etc. Radiographic images are pictures of teeth, bones and surrounding soft tissues. These images help to diagnose the problems with teeth and bone.

Radiovisiography (RVG)

RVG is used for better diagnosis nowadays. This technology provides high quality digital images immediately. Moreover, it is less harmful for patients if it is compared with traditional X –ray.
Some advantages of RVG imaging are as follows:
  • Immediate imaging on the screen of the computer
  • High quality imaging with facilitated analysis
  • The images can be saved in patient’s file
  • No need of x –ray film
  • Reduced radiation
Radio Dental Treatment in Bhopal

Advantages of Digital Dentistry

  • With digital enhancement, the efficiency of dentists is improved
  • Digital devices provide accurate results
  • Satisfactory results with better treatment

As you see, we need to diagnose the disease, before we start the treatment. Digital procedures are helpful in finding the exact reasons of a disease. Moreover, they provide a clear image of internal oral parts.

Smile care clinic is a trusted place for Dental Radiology in Bhopal. We perform every kind of radiological procedure with excellent efficiency. That is why, the diagnosis provided by us is 100% correct.

If you visit our clinic, you will be treated in a comfortable and digital environment with intensive care. If you need a trusted, comfortable and affordable dental treatment, visit us soon.