“Prosthodontics is a dental procedure which includes crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, complete or partial dentures. Prosthodontic procedures are performed by a specialist who is called a prosthodontist.”

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Dental crowns are tooth – shape caps that are placed over a tooth to cover the tooth to protect it. Crowns restore the shape, size, strength of a tooth and improve its appearance.

Why do You Need a Dental Crown?

You need a dental crown in following situations:

  • <b>Dental crowns</b> are needed to protect a week tooth.
  • Crowns are used to hold a dental bridge in place.
  • Crowns can be used to cover severely misshapen teeth.
  • Crowns also needed when you have to cover the decolorized tooth.
  • Crowns are needed when we have to cover dental implant

What Types of Crowns Are Available?

Cosmetic dental crown in Bhopal

Porcelain-fused to metal crowns

As the name shows, these crowns are a mixture of ceramics and metals. Because of the use of metals, these crowns provide good strength and durability.

All-metal crowns

These crowns are made up of a mixture of gold, copper and other metal. These crowns are very strong as they are made up of metals. These crowns are used where a great strength is required. Dentists frequently place these crowns on molars.

Base metal alloys

These crowns are made up of non-noble metals. These metals are highly resistant to corrosion. These crowns are considered as strong crowns.

All–ceramic crowns

These crowns are made of some dental ceramic, such as porcelain. Not all but some kinds of the ceramic used in dental crowns look just like a natural tooth. These crowns are used on front teeth.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns provide various benefits like:

  • Dental crowns support a severely damaged tooth.
  • After a root canal, crowns are used to restore the tooth.
  • They are used to protect a worn tooth.
  • Dental crowns anchor a dental bridge.
  • Dental crowns cover a dental implant.
  • The length or width of misshapen teeth can be improved with the help of a dental crown.


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  • Generally, you need two meeting with the doctor to get a dental crown. When you meet your dentist, he may take an x-ray to examine the roots of the tooth. If the tooth is extensively damaged, the root canal treatment is necessary. After that, your dentist anesthetizes the tooth and the tissue around the tooth. After that the tooth is filed down to make room for the crown. Your dentist then makes an impression of the tooth with the help of a paste or putty. Impressions of the teeth above and below the tooth are also made to ensure that your bite is not affected by the crown.
  • The dentist sends all the impressions to a dental lab where the crowns are prepared. During this period, your dentist makes a temporary crown to cover and protect the prepared tooth.
  • When you visit the doctor second time, he removed the temporary crown and cements the permanent crown if the color and fit of the crown are acceptable.