Cosmetic Dentistry in Bhopal

Cosmetic Dentisty Cost in Bhopal

The appearance of teeth is important to enhance a person’s smile. If one has some teeth problems, generally he feels shy to smile and feel inferior most of the times before his relatives or friends. We really do not like this shyness and on the contrary, we like you to smile without any hesitation.

Generally, it is called cosmetic dentistry, but at ‘smile care dental clinic’, we like to call it smile cosmetic dentistry as we care your smile with your pearl-like teeth.

Before you know more about our premier services, you need to know a little bit about cosmetic dentistry.
Let us see!

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Any dental work which enhances the appearance of a person’s teeth or smile can be included in the area of cosmetic dentistry. The main aim of the art of cosmetic dentistry is the improvement of the teeth’s colour, size, shape, position and alignment etc.

Why do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

First of all, you need a cosmetic dentist, if you want to improve your teeth with your smile. You may have tooth gaps or a missing tooth or you may have a damaged tooth. With natural looking teeth restorations, a cosmetic dentist can bring your smile back. Sometimes you need to reshape your teeth or you may need to improve the alignment of your teeth. A perfectly skilled cosmetic dentist can reshape your teeth. In addition, you may improve your teeth’s alignment without any discomfort. If you need a bright smile, various teeth whitening techniques are available at cosmetic dentist clinics.

Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

benefitsThe main advantage of cosmetic dentistry is that it brings your smile back. People with misaligned, cracked or missing teeth smile with confident after undergoing cosmetic dentistry. A lot of people feel shy to smile because of decolourization of teeth but after meeting a cosmetic dentist, they no longer feel any shyness with their shiny white teeth. Cosmetic dentistry brings amazing results in dental infections or illness.
Finding a cosmetic dentist is not a tough task. Therefore, it has a vast scope. You do not have to travel a lot to find a cosmetic dentist as they are available easily everywhere. Even some procedure can be applied by your normal nearest dentist as well.
With high success rates, cosmetic dentistry has a short recovery time. After almost all procedures, you may return to your normal activities very early.
As you see, how advantageous cosmetic dentistry is for you and for your charming smile.

Procedure of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic procedures are used to enhance the appearance of the teeth. Cosmetic dentists also use these procedures to restore function and improve oral health. Some of the most common procedures are as follows:

Cosmetic Dentistry in Bhopal


Bridges are consist of two or more crown which maintains the shape of face and prevents the remaining teeth from changing its position. There are 3 types of dental bridges like Maryland-bonded bridges , Cantilever bridges and Traditional bridges . It can also helps in bringing back the ability to chew or speak.

Dental Implants

Dental implants is best advanced dental treatment which is performed to fill missing tooth area. It is a successful procedure which uses artificial root like material consist of titanium.It gives natural look and is very effective .The cost of this treatment is comparatively low than other existing dental treatments.

Contouring and Reshaping

Contouring and Reshaping is an inexpensive and conservative option to enhance the appearance of your smile .It is basically cosmetic dentistry procedure that deals with changes to the teeth.Although these are conservatives approaches to changing the appearance of your teeth.


Dental Crown are tooth shaped caps that are required to protect a week tooth and it helps in restore the shape , size , strength of a tooth and enhance its appearance. It is used to protect a worn tooth and support severely damage tooth.The length of misshapen teeth can be improved with the help of dental crown.

Tooth-colored Fillings

For natural look Dentist are using tooth like material which is composed of resins and porcelains which is more safe and predictable.A degree of protection is provided by Metallic fillings which could not bond with the tooth infact they rested on it and led science to discover new ways of bonding fillings.

Teeth whitening

This is a most common and widely used procedure. If you have stained teeth because of any reasons, you may visit a cosmetic dentist to brighten your teeth. It is done with many methods and products.

What Can We do For You?

With our premier services, we are changing the definitions of Cosmetic Dentistry in Bhopal. At smile care dental clinic, we are committed to provide you the benefits of cosmetic dentistry with a smile. Our team of well-versed dentists is capable of performing each and every cosmetic dentistry procedure with ultimate perfection. We know how valuable your smile for you. Therefore, we send you back with shiny white teeth and a dazzling smile.