Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

People generally ignore the dental issues and most the times, they try to deal with the dental problems by themselves. This is not a good attitude towards your teeth. Sometimes the problems may reach the level when you immediately need a doctor. It would be a wise decision if you meet the doctor before the pain becomes unbearable.

When you need to visit a dentist?

If you have an infected tooth, you must not delay and immediately meet the dentist. The infected tooth cannot be treated by home remedies. Therefore, surgical treatments are the only solution. For healing an infected tooth, doctors generally use a single sitting treatment called root canal treatment.
Signs of infection of the soft tissue of the tooth are not clearly visible initially but late you may experience or pain. If your tooth is sensitive to heat or cold and it aches when you bite something or touch the tooth, you may have an infectious tooth. You may have swelling around the tooth as well in increased infection.
If you have these signs you need a dentist soon to have a root canal treatment


Procedure of Root Canal Treatment

First of all, the doctor opens the pulp chamber to reach the areas where the canals are. Then, the doctor cleans the pulp chamber along with root canals using special instruments called root canal files. When the tooth and root canals are free of all debris, the doctor fills in the hole with canal filling material.
You can be very relaxed at the time of the treatment as the treatment is performed only on numbed teeth. After the treatment the RTC, some instructions may be given by the doctor and for minimize the sensitivity, your doctor may prescribe some analgesics and anti – inflammatory medicines.

Final Advice

Ignoring any dental problem generally, leads to chronic dental diseases. If you visit the doctor at right time, only some simple procedure like RTC are needed and you have no need to an extraction of the tooth. If you constantly ignore, it results in tooth loss.

When to Need a Root Canal Treatment?

You should not see this treatment as cosmetic procedures that are a matter of choice. The RTC is necessary when your tooth is infected severely and you need a medical treatment.

Therefore, do not ignore, if you have a painful tooth.


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