Steps & procedure for a Root Canal Treatment in bhopal

After Lunch or dinner if you do not have dessert , ice cream or sweet don’t you feel something is missing ?
But what about feeling pain in your teeth root or Feel sharp sensation while having sweets or cold drink ? don’t you want to get rid of it ?

We all enjoy eating chocolates, fast foods, and sweets at any time either it is day or night, but while eating them we never even think of what this can affect our dental care. Dentist recommends brushing the teeth after every meal or at least two times a day to protect them from infections.
But what if the tooth gets infected and decayed badly, you will feel pain all day and night, at the time of eating, drinking, and when it becomes worse it pains even while sleeping. The only way the dentist recommends to protect the teeth is to have a root canal treatment, so let’s discuss today what is root canal and what are the steps for the root canal treatment.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal treatment is invented to eradicate the bacteria of the root canal which got infected and to save it from further infection, through the root canal treatment the infected pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned, after that, the dentist carefully fills and seal it.

Benefit of having root canal treatment

Dr Vipalv ( Top Dentist at smile care dental clinic at Bhopal ) says “Extraction couldn’t be avoided when a tooth was heavily damaged. One of the benefits of the root canal treatment is that extractions can be avoided, and the tooth can be “saved”. By saving the natural teeth, you maintain your normal biting efficiency”

Steps of Root Canal Treatment

  • Step-1: The first step of the root canal starts with numbing the tooth by injecting local anesthesia. After this a rubber dam is placed in the tooth it is because through this rubber dam the environment can be controlled and it will keep the tooth infection-free while the process.
  • Step-2: As the second step, the dentist begins to perform the real work by creating an opening nerve space, this step is also called ‘access cavity’. After this the dentist will drill into your tooth, it is not so painful if have placed the rubber dam.
  • Step-3: After the opening of the access cavity, the dentist will deeply identify each root canal and evaluates the time of recovery.
  • Step-4: In this process, the dentist evaluates the size of the tooth’s root canal, by doing this he assesses the success of the treatment and it also helps him minimize the post-operative pain for the patient.
  • Step-5: These steps involve cleaning and shaping of the tooth’s root canal. The cleaning process includes the removal of bacteria, toxins, and debris inside the tooth. Secondly, the shaping process encounters the tooth’s enlargement and flaring through which you will get the ideal shape and size of your tooth. This process owns complexities and an experienced dentist completes these by expressing his art.
  • Step-6: In this last process, the root canal of your tooth is filled and sealed. Normally the dentist uses a compound called ‘Gutta Percha’ to fill the root canal.
    After filling the root canal the dentist needs to place some temporary types of filling. It seals the access cavity created at the time of starting the process, this filling protects the tooth from bacteria and infection from flowing back to the tooth.

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Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

People generally ignore the dental issues and most the times, they try to deal with the dental problems by themselves. This is not a good attitude towards your teeth. Sometimes the problems may reach the level when you immediately need a doctor. It would be a wise decision if you meet the doctor before the pain becomes unbearable.

When you need to visit a dentist?

If you have an infected tooth, you must not delay and immediately meet the dentist. The infected tooth cannot be treated by home remedies. Therefore, surgical treatments are the only solution. For healing an infected tooth, doctors generally use a single sitting treatment called root canal treatment.
Signs of infection of the soft tissue of the tooth are not clearly visible initially but late you may experience or pain. If your tooth is sensitive to heat or cold and it aches when you bite something or touch the tooth, you may have an infectious tooth. You may have swelling around the tooth as well in increased infection.
If you have these signs you need a dentist soon to have a root canal treatment


Procedure of Root Canal Treatment

First of all, the doctor opens the pulp chamber to reach the areas where the canals are. Then, the doctor cleans the pulp chamber along with root canals using special instruments called root canal files. When the tooth and root canals are free of all debris, the doctor fills in the hole with canal filling material.
You can be very relaxed at the time of the treatment as the treatment is performed only on numbed teeth. After the treatment the RTC, some instructions may be given by the doctor and for minimize the sensitivity, your doctor may prescribe some analgesics and anti – inflammatory medicines.

Final Advice

Ignoring any dental problem generally, leads to chronic dental diseases. If you visit the doctor at right time, only some simple procedure like RTC are needed and you have no need to an extraction of the tooth. If you constantly ignore, it results in tooth loss.

When to Need a Root Canal Treatment?

You should not see this treatment as cosmetic procedures that are a matter of choice. The RTC is necessary when your tooth is infected severely and you need a medical treatment.

Therefore, do not ignore, if you have a painful tooth.

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